Our 2018 Retrospective

January 15, 2019 - by Guillaume de Zwirek


Looking back at 2018 makes us feel a little breathless

It’s been an extraordinary year: new employees, new projects, new partnerships. And as always, it’s been a pleasure working alongside the ever-evolving healthcare space, improving the patient experience—and unifying communication for healthcare organizations—wherever we go.

New Friends

First and foremost, we’re delighted to be working with a wide range of new customers. Every new organization brings unique needs and challenges to the table, and we love finding the ideal ways to enhance communication practices and improve key metrics for each of them.

In the enterprise space, we implemented WELL at Houston Methodist, Eisenhower Health, and our local Sansum Clinic, among many others. And we’re excited that Signature Health and Vista Community Clinic decided to expand their use of WELL, increasing their message volume and exploring new features.

RepuGen, which provides reputation management software to healthcare companies, is now an integrated partner. We’ve already seen great results at MemorialCare, which experienced a 25 percent increase in conversion rates—providing more opportunities to engage patients and perform service recovery. More integrated partnerships are in the works, so expect to hear updates soon!

New Faces

There are a lot of new faces around the office. WELL started out 2018 with 19 employees and ended with 52, more than doubling our team size. But we’re not just focused on quantity: we’ve developed a determined, enthusiastic team who set ambitious goals, then achieve them.

And we know how lucky we are to have them. That’s why we promoted 20 employees internally this year. Tom Sims was promoted from business development representative to sales manager. Both Jessica Perron and Grant Lilya began their WELL careers as interns and were promoted to account executive and client success advocate. Jonathan Perlin started out the year as a technical project manager and ended it as a lead integration engineer.

To make sure our employees work in the best possible environment, we also kicked off a diversity and inclusion team to raise awareness and open up important conversations around the office. Our new workplace engagement team encourages collaboration and closeness among our employees. And the office as a whole loved participating in this year’s End Hunger Games!

New Year

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re focused on exploring the many ways that WELL can improve the healthcare experience. We’ll build new features and develop partnerships that create better experiences for our users and their patients. And we’ll continue to fulfill our mission: to make going to the doctor’s office as easy as meeting up with a friend.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and we’re excited to see the industry shift increasingly towards awareness of the patient experience, a more consumer-friendly system, and value-based payment models. There’s a lot of upheaval still to come, no question. But that’s not a bad thing. Wherever there’s upheaval, there’s disruption—and with disruption comes a world of new solutions. We can’t wait to build more of them.♥



– Gui de Zwirek
CEO & Cofounder, WELL Health


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