How UNC Health Tackled Staff Burnout

Frontline clinical support staff report 88% moderate to extreme burnout while 82% blame the patient communication process. These sobering results come from a recent WELL Health study on support staff burnout. UNC Health’s Velaire Elliot (Healthcare System Manager) and Tammy Jones (Administrative Support Supervisor) join Meg Aranow (WELL Health Senior Vice President, Platform Evangelist) to share how UNC Health lowered staff stress and increased morale despite these grim stats.

Key topics:

  • Decreasing monthly call volume by over 1,000 calls so staff can focus on more important tasks.
  • Reducing workloads by implementing efficient workflows resulting in improved staff morale.
  • Exceeding referral conversion rates despite a high volume of referrals but no additional staff.
  • Increased percentage of calls answered within 30 seconds from 65% to 93%, exceeding SLA goals.