Meet the Team: Jamey Christensen, SVP of Sales


WELL’s brand-new SVP of Sales, wears a lot of hats

Jamey Christensen is an accomplished manager with a strong background in healthcare. A historical-fiction aficionado. A father of seven. And he’s as comfortable four-wheeling his way through the Utah mountains as he is running a meeting with WELL’s (sometimes boisterous) sales team.

We sat down with Jamey to learn more about how he got into business (he started young), his proudest achievements, and his advice to industry newcomers.

What does your role at WELL involve?

My role is to ensure that revenue is flowing into the company, so we can hire more people and we can grow this thing!

What’s got you excited about working at WELL?

The product, for one thing. There’s this major pain point in healthcare, and we’re fixing what’s broken out there. Then helping team members to grow and scaling the company are exciting to me. And it’s a fun culture; people are excited to be here, which is great.

Then there’s being able to hang out with the pups all day. It’s my first time at a dog-friendly office!

Where do you live?

Orem, Utah—an outdoor heaven. It’s basically a desert floor with beautiful mountains around it.

Who lives with you?

My wife and four of our seven children. (Three of my daughters are currently in college.) We also have two dogs: a Pomeranian and a brand-new Shih Tzu.


First job?

I worked on the family farm growing up. My dad bought a farm in Colorado, and my brother and I raised hay on it to earn money as kids.

Then, when I was 14, I owned a skateboard shop. My mom loaned me $250 for my business license, and I ordered all the supplies myself, marked them up, and sold skateboards to the kids in town.

Worst job?

I didn’t want to work on the farm one summer, so I decided I would try the Norbest turkey plant. I literally lasted four hours. Stinkiest job I ever had.

Where can we find you when you’re not at WELL?

Home, a lot of the time, or out on the mountain. I love four-wheeling, and one of my favorite things is to take my ATV out.

Then I go to a lot of track meets. Two of my kids in college run; so does one who’s in high school, and two of the little ones run for fun.

And finally, I love to read—especially business books and historical fiction.


Your top pet peeve:

When people make commitments and fail. If they struggle and fail, that’s one thing, but if they commit and then just don’t do it, that bothers me.

Proudest achievement, personal or professional?

Personal: Being a dad. My family. That will be my greatest accomplishment—although my wife deserves a lot of the credit.

Professional: I’ve had opportunities to help a lot of people. A lot of my reps are now Head of Sales or VP of sales at different companies, and I helped them get where they are.

Do you have a motto or mantra that defines you?

We have a statement in our house: “Kindness is where it all begins.” I think it’s really important to be kind first.

We wouldn’t know it to look at you, but…

I danced in the Nutcracker back when I was young. I played Mother Ginger. The kids loved it, but it was a little embarrassing.

I’ve learned this: The more things you try, the more life is a wonderful adventure. Sometimes you do things for others—like dancing in the Nutcracker—and it’s a wonderful experience.

The people you admire most are:

One of my former mentors taught my a lot about how to treat people and how you can help people as you do your work. Then I did my master’s thesis on Abraham Lincoln, and learned a lot by studying him.

But the two most influential people in my life were my grandma and my mother. My dad died when I was 15, and my character was really developed by the two of them.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the field?

Be the person in the room who works the hardest. If you jump in and you learn everything you can about the product and the industry you’re in, you’ll always find a path forward.

Also, be a student. You can’t ever stop learning. Things change, business models change. You have to be able to adjust to what’s happening around you.♥


Meet the Team: Thor Clark, Chief Technology Officer


For our first installment of WELL’s Meet the Team Feature, we’re excited to interview Thor Clark, WELL’s CTO. Thor is approaching his one-year anniversary at WELL (he joined in March 2018), and is especially proud of the rockstar product engineering team he’s built.

What do you do at WELL?

I’m responsible for product, engineering, technical security, and technical operations.

Where do you live?

We live in the Westside area of L.A. I love that Southern California weather—it’s great for getting out with the kids and dogs.

Who lives with you?

Two kids, two French bulldogs, one wife.

A typical day in the life looks like…

There are no typical days! WELL is growing fast, so there’s generally recruiting activity, whether it’s interviewing, sourcing, or working with recruiters. There’s always a team-building component, whether that’s one-on-ones or training activity. There’s some customer engagement or prospect engagement, vendor relationship management, product activity, architecture discussions, and planning. Sometimes there’s travel—visiting customers and partners, that kind of activity.

There are always big rocks and little rocks: there’s making progress on big, long-term projects and also dealing with short-term issues, making sure both are moving forward.

First piece of code?

I wrote an assembly language version of Conway’s Game of Life when I was 12.

First job?

Delivering newspapers–that ages me, right?—in Paradise, California.

Worst job?

I once spent half a day selling vacuum cleaners over the phone. I’d literally take a page out of the phone book and start calling people.

Your top pet peeve (or three)?

Self-driving car technology should be better than it is! In general, I’m frustrated by things that aren’t well designed.

Your proudest achievement, personal or professional?

Professionally, I’m proud of having been part of three successful startups with good outcomes: Investools, SignNow, and Tabula Interactive.

More personally: I dropped out of school to do my first startup, and then I went back and finished school. I went out in the world and did stuff, but I still got that degree. I feel pretty good about that.

We wouldn’t know it to look at you, but…

I played trumpet, then baritone, then tuba, then sousaphone in high school. I worked my way up to bigger and bigger instruments over the course of a few years.

And I was a firefighter! I spent a summer fighting forest fires in Northern California.

The people you admire most are…

My mother, definitely—she put herself through Stanford Medical School late in life. Tom Brady’s pretty impressive, too.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in the field?

Be passionate about learning. Be focused on people—users and coworkers—and think about what drives them and what they’re trying to accomplish. It can be fun to brain-tease and problem-solve, and don’t lose sight of the end goal.

Find work that you genuinely enjoy. “Finding your passion” is an overused and vague phrase, but find a role, team, and mission that make you enjoy going to work every day.

Thor Clark leads a team of 20 engineers, Product Managers, and Program Managers.

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