Live Chat: The Fourth Piece of the WELL Puzzle


It’s a familiar story:

A patient moves to a new city. She’s just started a different healthcare plan with her new employer, she doesn’t yet have a doctor, and she’s not feeling well. Looking online for a healthcare provider, she comes across a website for a local health system.

Now, that health system can be there to greet her in real time, thanks to a welcoming, personalized new feature: WELL’s Live Chat.

Live Chat

Traditionally, communication platforms weren’t designed to serve people like our hypothetical newcomer. Instead, most are focused on providing information to established patients through one communication method. WELL is already ahead of the competition in offering three ways to connect with patients: phone, bidirectional text, and bidirectional email.

But Live Chat is the fourth piece to that puzzle, making it possible to capture new patients and other visitors to a health system website.

Here’s how it works:

When someone—whether it’s a new patient, a doctor, or an administrator—visits an organization’s website, there will be a chat button in the lower right corner. If the visitor clicks the button, they’ll be launched into a chat window that connects them to a WELL user in that office.

Customize your Live Chat window

That window is fully customizable: Health systems can change colors and add a logo, so the chat window is a perfect match for their existing brand. It also persists across the website, so a prospective patient can look around—and schedule an online appointment—while having an ongoing, real-time conversation with a staff member.

Live Chat works with all the WELL features you love

And WELL’s existing Mentions feature works in Live Chat, allowing a staffer to direct a conversation to the right person in their enterprise. For example, if a new patient asks “Do you take my insurance?” and you’re not sure, tag your billing department for an accurate answer.

Using Keyword Actions, you’ll also be able to create automatic responses to specific words in the patient’s email. For example, the question “Where are you located?” could automatically trigger a link to a map, ensuring a quick, helpful response—and a delightful experience for the patient.

After all, we’re all about delightful experiences at WELL. As we’ve said before, the patient journey is much longer than the time spent in a doctor’s office. Live Chat lets our customers start that journey with their best foot forward. ♥


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