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Opportunities & Growth

Experiment with figures and identify which aspects of operation can increase/decrease investment value.

Data-Driven ROI Calculation

All calculations performed by the WELL ROI Calculator are based on actual data from WELL customers.

Cumulative Growth Projection

See the potential cumulative annual growth of your investment based on actual costs vs. the number of years.

Compare & Contrast Scenarios

Input different sets of data based on different scenarios to unearth pessimistic, average, and optimistic ROI results. See how much ROI if you have this many patients, this many appointments, against this average no-show rate. You create the scenario, WELL ROI Calculator measures your profitability.

Input & Calculate

Enter your information and let WELL ROI calculator measure the value of your investment instantly. The process is effortless and calculation is done in an instant.

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With WELL, these organizations now enjoy massive ROIs and tangible savings:


Riverside Medical Clinic (RMC)

saving in less than two months


Community Memorial Health System (CMHS)

increase in annual revenue


Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC)

incease in annual revenue


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