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WELL & Security Overview

How WELL handles HIPAA compliance and security

At WELL, we understand that the responsibility you have of securing your patients’ information extends to the vendors you use. That means our security matters as much as your own security efforts, and every new company you work with needs to be held to the same high standards that you operate by. 

WELL values the trust that our customers place in us to handle their data in a secure, respectful, transparent, and appropriate way. We prepared this white paper about our security practices to add to this transparency

“WELL’s security program is particularly impressive, and security has clearly been a primary focus since the company’s beginning. WELL has made sure to consider the end-to-end data flow process, and they’ve conscientiously deployed all the necessary controls to best address safety, privacy, and potential risk.” — Deepak Chaudhry BDO’s National Health IT & HITRUST Leader, President of Houston HIMSS Chapter