Monterey Spine & Joint

Monterey Spine & Joint, a busy, sizable sports medicine and physical therapy clinic, radically improved its call center answer rate from 60% to 95% using WELL bi-directional text messaging. The clinic also used WELL Broadcast Messaging to save time and improve staff efficiency whenever they needed to send out mass messages about scheduling changes or update their patients about COVID-19 protocols.

“WELL Health has completely transformed how MSJ communicates with our patients. It took patient communication from being one of our biggest sources of patient complaints to being an area that is one of our biggest strengths,” said Jason Wilfong, Chief Operating Officer.  

Increased Patient Satisfaction

One of the key reasons for low patient satisfaction is poor patient-provider communications. Download these case studies to see how healthcare providers of various sizes and types radically improved their patient satisfaction scores after implementing the WELL™ communication hub.

Decreasing No-Shows

The total annual cost of missed appointments in the US is $150 billion. Every unused time slot costs an average of $200. Patients fail to show up for a variety of reasons; but but poor patient communication plays a key role.

By making it easy for patients to cancel or reschedule appointments, the WELL platform is helping providers cut their no-show rate – increasing slot utilization and boosting bottom line.

Download the case study to learn more.



Reducing Patient No-Show Rates Guide

High patient no-show rates have a negative impact across the healthcare network. They damage provider revenue, and they prevent patients from receiving optimal care – a serious lose-lose.

A central cause of no-shows is patients lacking a convenient and easy way to communicate with providers. Many providers still force patients to pick up the phone, or wrestle with clunky portals. They fail to meet them in a digital medium that is easy, convenient, and multilingual. When providers improve their overall patient communication, no-show rates reliably fall.

How can providers implement the right strategies to reduce no-show rates? And what results can they expect? Read our guide to find out.

Increasing Appointment Bookings & Confirmations

By making it easy for patients to schedule and confirm appointments, the WELL™ platform is helping providers across the US increase bookings and confirmations – upping slot utilization and bolstering the bottom line. Regardless of age, income or geography, patients are universally responsive to a two-way texting system.

Once the WELL communication platform is integrated, providers can meet patients where they want to be, in their preferred modality. When patients can easily book or confirm appointments, more slots get filled, and revenue is boosted.

Download the case study to learn more.

WELL Solution Overview

For modern healthcare organizations, delivering the ideal patient experience is a key priority. Delivering this experience requires optimizing patient communications, which means more than robo-dialers and one-way email and text systems. As digital natives and consumers of healthcare, patients expect a seamless blend of automated and real-time communications, across their preferred channel — text, phone, email, and live chat.

WELL™ is the number one unified patient communication hub for enterprise health systems. With bidirectional text messaging at its core, WELL connects providers to patients at each stage of their healthcare journey, meeting patients on their terms.

Download our solution overview to learn about the platform’s features, integrations, analytics, and more.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Playbook

This tactical patient communications playbook provides best-practices developed for educating patients about the COVID-19 vaccine, informing them of its availability, and scheduling/managing appointments. It includes strategies and sample messaging, which are currently being employed by WELL Health’s healthcare partners and clients in collaboration with our client success team.

Download this playbook for tips to communicate with patients around the COVID-19 vaccine and sample workflows which any healthcare provider can use, whether or not they use the WELL Health platform.

COVID-19 Symptom Checker Playbook

The volume of patients trying to reach their providers and understand their symptoms has increased exponentially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Download our free Symptom Checker Playbook for examples of automated messages you can use to redirect patient inquiries to a symptom checker. This reduces the burden on your staff and provides trusted guidance to your patients.

COVID-19 Educational Content Playbook

WELL and Wolters Kluwer have partnered to embed EmmiEngage® interactive multimedia programs and UpToDate® Patient Education into the WELL platform to help people make informed decisions related to the coronavirus. The partnership between WELL and Wolters Kluwer also positions health systems for a post COVID-19 environment, where additional educational content can be delivered through WELL to improve care activation and nurse efficiency and reduce readmissions. EmmiEngage and UpToDate Patient Education content on COVID-19 is being made available for free to all WELL customers and has been pre-programmed as both Automations and Quick Responses that can be activated in the Enterprise Automations menu.

Download this free COVID-19 Educational Content Playbook for recommended triage workflows to digitize patient education.

San Ysidro Health

San Ysidro Health, an FQHC serving patients throughout San Diego County, deployed the WELL Health Rapid Release Program in April 2020 to deliver essential COVID-19 related patient communication and coordinate telehealth and in-person visits. In the first 60 days after implementing WELL, San Ysidro Health sent out 226,546 messages to its patients.

“Many of our patients are using their cell phones as a lifeline during this pandemic. WELL allows us to reach our patients with essential information about COVID-19 and how to access testing and care through San Ysidro Health.” — Kevin Mattson President and CEO, San Ysidro Health