82% of clinical support staff believe the burnout they're experiencing is a direct result of patient communication processes.

Is your staff part of this unfortunate statistic?

The Burnout Effect

Staff burnout negatively affects the quality of patient care, patient health outcomes, provider revenue, and clinical support staff's job satisfaction

If your out-of-the-box patient communication software isn’t helping you:

– Reduce inbound calls
– Lower no-shows
– Decrease staff turnover
– Alleviate burnout

…then it’s time to consider a better solution.

WELL Health has your back.

Our award-winning software can automate over 80% of patient communications.

The best part: It’s so easy anyone on your staff can use it.

There are 3 proven ways to reduce staff burnout

Lower the call volume

Lower the call volume

Our study reveals that 82% of clinical support staff believe the patient communication process is a direct cause of their burnout. And 96% of those survey respondents indicate phone-based communication is their primary method of patient communication. Reducing call volume = reducing staff burnout

Prioritize high-urgency situations

Prioritize high-urgency situations

Sometimes burnout is just simple math: Patients outnumber available healthcare professionals. Having a process for prioritizing what situations are urgent, and which ones can wait until later is crucial, not only for patient care, but in overall stress levels in your healthcare team.

Make workflows more efficient

Make workflows more efficient

Even small adjustments to your administrative workflow can have positive effects on your staff.

In fact, UNC Health found that staff morale increased and customer satisfaction increased thanks to more efficient workflows and reduced workloads.

What others are saying it's like to work with WELL Health.

Listen to a CIO, a pediatrician, and a patient service representative share their experience using WELL Health’s patient communication software.

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Getting Started

Want to know more about WELL Health's award-winning software?

WELL integrates quickly, easily, and seamlessly with the leading EHRs.

API, FHIR, and HL7v2 integrations enable communication to and from the EHR and all patient-facing vendors for unified communication for an exceptional patient experience.

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