Personalized Messages for a Better Patient Relationship

Configure your message exactly the way you want, using information from your EMR like appointment type, date, time, physician name, location, etc. Show your patients you care by addressing them by name and in their preferred language.

Automation Meets Human Interaction

Modern healthcare organizations need more than robo-dialers and blast-style email/text systems. To deliver the ideal patient experience you need WELL’s ability to mix and match automated communication with live person-to-person interactions. WELL lets your staff move seamlessly from automated text to live-chat to email to phone…and that’s just one possible workflow that you can configure.

Impact Your Bottom Line

“Since the Spine Center has been using WELL, our no show rates have dropped dramatically…patients don’t forget about their appointments. It’s been a win-win for patients and for our staff. I love WELL, it just works.”

Judi Arnett

Cedars-Sinai Spine Center

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