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Talk to your patients like you talk to your friends

  • No need for your patients to download an app
  • Utilize your existing office phone numbers
  • Multi-language support allows for ACA 1557 compliance

Eliminate phone tag with true bi-directional messaging

  • Open up a new channel of communication for your office
  • Patients can text you, you can text patients — just like real life!
  • Patients utilize their smartphone’s texting capability — no unique interfaces to navigate

Combine your human touch with technological precision

  • Automate repetitive protocols based on actions taken in the PM/EMR
  • DIY interface frees you from waiting for your IT department
  • Free up your staff by creating more time for high touch patient care

Be prepared for the unexpected, every day

Imaging machine mysteriously down? Doctor stuck in surgery? County-wide ice storm? You’re all too familiar with these kinds of events wreaking havoc, creating an avalanche of phone calls, voicemails, missed connections and frustration. With WELL’s broadcast message capability, we make it easy to to connect with groups of patients quickly and successfully.

A snow storm necessitates office closure, and 50 patients need to be notified:

Telephone System

50 calls to individual patients X 2 minutes per call

Total Time 100 minutes
Success Rate Limited


1 broadcast text sent to all 50 patients simultaneously

Total Time 15 seconds
Success Rate 90%+

Increase quality time with patients

Move workflows out of the office, such as registration, insurance info collection, and payments

Simple, reliable integration