Finally, a patient communication software that’s flexible

Meet WELL Health.

If your patient communication software:

  • Lacks self-serve customization options for campaigns or messaging
  • Forces you to open a support ticket before making changes
  • Collects patient data to sell ads to pharmaceutical companies
  • Doesn’t allow you to send texts through your office’s phone number
  • Claims “bidirectional” but won’t let patients text back
  • Has frequent issues with API technology
  • Is challenging to integrate with the leading EMRs
  • Has inadequate customer support
  • Doesn’t offer HIPAA compliant messaging

…then it’s time to consider a patient communication solution that will work for you and your patients.

WELL Health has your back.

Our customer award-winning software can automate over 80% of patient communications.

The best part: It’s so easy anyone on your staff can use it.


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The vendor allows us to make changes in the system without opening a ticket with them. That is what distinguishes WELL Health from the other vendors in the space; they put tools in so the customer can create a ticket to have the vendor do something for them or the customer can do it themself. We have control over our messaging. The solution empowers the end users. We are very happy with the product.
Director, July 2022 (KLAS)

The vendor has top-notch support. I have a monthly meeting with them, and they care about their customers. WELL Health listens to us, and they always update me about what their new products are going to be.
Director, July 2022 (KLAS)

It is fairly easy for our staff members to use WELL. The system is very simplistic. We can message groups of patients when we need to. We just have to run a report from our medical management system and download it into the product. Then, the product will send out the message that we want. That is very easy.
Director, May 2022 (KLAS)

Selected commentary collected about WELL Health on July 19, 2022 © 2017 KLAS.
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Bi-Directional Messaging

Bi-Directional Messaging

Provide multilingual, conversational messaging using your patient’s preferred channel – text, email, or phone – for an unparalleled experience.

Customizable Automated Outreach

Customizable Automated Outreach

No more need to submit a ticket – WELL gives you ownership over your patient relationships and the ability to customize campaigns and messaging on the fly.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

It’s simple and easy to integrate the WELL platform with your tech stack through our multiple integration options (API, FHIR, HL7v2, and flat files) and collaboration with partners.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Take comfort in WELL’s industry-leading HITRUST-certified infrastructure, end-user platform, and EMR connectors – all from a single-endpoint. We’re collecting patient data to help you connect with patients (not for selling ads)

Intuitive User Interface

Intuitive User Interface

Get anyone on your staff communicating with patients in fifteen minutes.

Fast Support

Fast Support

With self-service support articles and quick responses from proactive, knowledgeable support experts, you won’t be waiting three days for a response.

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The problem with most patient communication software.

Our study reveals that 82% of clinical support staff believe the patient communication process is a direct cause of their burnout. And 96% of those survey respondents indicate phone-based communication is their primary method of patient communication.

Reducing call volume = reducing staff burnout.

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Meet Clinical Support Staff Steve

Clinical Support Staff Steve has a talent for helping patients but is overwhelmed with high call volume. This is his story of navigating the complexities of patient communication in healthcare.

WELL is a fully-customizable, truly bi-directional texting platform that’s engaging for patients and intuitive for staff.

Our customer award-winning platform gives you everything you need to communicate with patients quickly and easily, all without the hassle of extra fees, annoying API glitches, or having to submit a ticket every time you want to make a simple change. And we don’t mine patient data to sell marketing ads to third-party businesses.

The result?
We have a proven track record for reducing no-show rates that are significantly better than the industry’s popular patient engagement softwares. You might not need to talk to our customer support team. But if you ever do, our support team is fast, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Get ready for a culture shock when it comes to patient engagement platforms.


WELL integrates quickly, easily, and seamlessly with the leading EHRs

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