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WELL Health Partnership Program

At WELL, we play nice with others. We welcome new partnerships with other healthcare IT companies. We make it easy to add our powerful communication platform to your application.

WELL offers multiple integration options, such as APIs, White Label, and OEM, and works collaboratively with partners to develop new functionality. We believe in success together.

Control the conversation with your patients

We enable you to piggyback on WELL’s industry leading HITRUST-grade infrastructure, omni-channel communication options, end-user platform, and EMR connectors – all from a single endpoint.

Increase your engagement with WELL

Add a patient communication layer to your product by integrating with WELL. Help your customers leverage the valuable clinical and administrative information. Use WELL to deliver information to patients via text, phone, email, and live-chat.


Once integrated your content is automatically, routed by our fault tolerant telco stack with retry capabilities, protected by our HITRUST-grade infrastructure with encryption, and delivered to patients in your desired modality from a unified number. It is also logged for health systems in the WELL interface, which is staffed by live agents for service recovery.


Enable delightful patient experiences such as, gift card for late appointments, insurance card processing and eligibility status, on-time ride scheduling, portal enrollment with unique token delivery, after-care summaries and treatment instructions, and automated statement delivery, claims status and payment requests. And thousands more….