WELL launches Use Case Library to offer best practices and product use cases

November 12, 2020 - by Pamela Ellgen

Do you know what health systems in COVID-19 hotspots are doing to reach their patients?

How about how hospitals of your size around the country increase survey response rates?

With the WELL Use Case Library (UCL), you can learn best practices and product use cases from our internal expertise and leading healthcare organizations around the country.

Learn how other healthcare organizations similar to yours use WELL to its fullest extent to streamline workflows, improve patient experience, and maximize value.

WELL provides the UCL at no charge. It offers effective workflows and instructions for launching use cases. All are developed and validated by WELL and our clients to better serve organizations like yours.

“We created the WELL Use Case library because we recognized that our customers were eager for more ideas about how to use our communication hub. We wanted to empower them to expand at their own pace,” says Meg Aranow, VP Platform Evangelist at WELL. “We believe the library will position our customers for continued success in patient engagement while maximizing the ROI of their WELL partnership.”

What is the WELL Use Case Library?

The UCL offers an evolving repository of use cases, organized by category and searchable by keyword. Use cases cover everything from parking instructions to post-op followup.

WELL administrators can discover impactful use cases, understand best practices, and learn how to deploy each workflow. The majority of use cases can be implemented at no additional cost to your organization.

Each use case offers sample language to use in communication with patients. You can implement this language into your automations immediately. Use cases also provide demonstrated benefits and referenced clients, so you know the value of the use case before you even put it into practice.

WELL aggregated use cases across a broad spectrum of its client base and has brought experience from leading health systems as well as internal expertise to enable all WELL clients to excel

Why it’s important

WELL clients include many of the leading health systems in the country, such as Cedars-Sinai, NYU Langone, UnityPoint Health, and Houston Methodist. Benefit from their depth of knowledge and process improvements within the UCL.

In addition to the larger health systems, WELL serves academic medical centers, FQHCs, and community health centers. Whatever the size of your organization and the patient population you serve, the library offers unique use cases to meet your patient communication needs.

WELL clients pride themselves on continuous learning and improvements. We are thrilled to be a part of this insightful and collaborative community. Through the WELL Use Case Library, we offer a shared platform to drive value for healthcare organizations and patients. ♥

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