WELL Rapid Release Program supports 48-hour implementations

June 29, 2020 - by Pamela Ellgen


Health systems around the U.S. have seen telehealth grow by more than 50x since the start of the pandemic, and they continue to see as high as 40 percent cancellation rates.

This requires a significant volume of work to communicate changes with patients, coordinate virtual visits, and make in-person visits as safe as possible. In response to the ongoing crisis, WELL Health engineered the Rapid Release Program. It allows health systems to manage urgent COVID-19 patient communications at scale. The lightweight, crisis-oriented version of WELL can be fully deployed in just 48 hours. WELL offers the Rapid Release Program below cost to new customers. It comes with unlimited use of our most critical features for 90 days.

WELL streamlines patient communication

WELL’s Rapid Release Program eases the burden on call centers and front desk staff to provide consistent and timely communication. For patients, reaching out to their provider is as easy as sending a text, email, or web chat. WELL triages inbound communication by analyzing content, automating responses when appropriate, and routing patient messages to the right staff group.

WELL makes touchless patient engagement easy

When your patients arrive at your facility, keep them safe by letting them wait in their car instead of a crowded waiting room. WELL enables a convenient “virtual waiting room” workflow so the patient can text you when they arrive and receive a notification when it’s time for their appointment.

Additionally, WELL helps you coordinate telehealth visits. Houston Methodist Hospital used WELL to coordinate a 50x increase in telehealth visits between February and April 2020.

WELL is fully integrated and easy to use

WELL’s robust EHR interface means there is no need for duplicate data entry. Our analytics and workflow backend is designed for central administration. And the platform can support unlimited users and integrations, including with telehealth vendors.

Staff can easily learn the WELL platform in 15 minutes and begin using immediately.

The Program Includes:

  • Automated and live texting
  • Unlimited users
  • Support for SSO, domain-provisioning, and IP whitelisting
  • User roles allow for restricted access to specific locations or providers
  • All conversations have an audit log and can be posted back to the EHR
  • All message content is editable and can be personalized by provider/location/event type
  • Available in 19 languages

Why not go with a free program?

Numerous IT vendors have capitalized on the coronavirus to offer free trial versions of their platforms. WELL has a different approach.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the time to be rolling out half-baked solutions. Companies that offer only one component of their platform — campaigns or broadcast messaging, for example — can do more harm than good. What happens when your patients try to respond to your well-crafted campaign and get no response? They’re going to add to that ever-increasing call volume, further overwhelming your call center.

Also, enterprise health systems need a platform built for enterprise with proven experience at scale — not just one or two banner clients.

WELL designed the Rapid Release Program to be successful at enterprise scale. The fourth largest nondenominational health system in the U.S., UnityPoint Health, launched the WELL Rapid Release Program in early April.

“When COVID-19 began to show up in the communities we serve, we wanted an additional tool to communicate the evolving changes and help reduce community spread,” said Lauren Hardison, Executive Director of Strategy & Business Development at UnityPoint Health. “We had already been in talks with WELL and knew the platform could support our patient communication needs in this critical time.”

WELL provides digital agility

The WELL platform already enables existing WELL clients to respond to the dramatic increase in call volume and patient inquiries related to COVID-19. Cedars-Sinai uses WELL to keep patients informed of changes and triage incoming patient appointments during the pandemic.

“At Cedars-Sinai, we are actively working to ensure the health and safety of our patients, community and staff by keeping everyone informed of the latest information regarding COVID-19,” said Darren Dworkin, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Information Services and Chief Information Officer, Cedars-Sinai. “WELL has been instrumental in helping us deploy timely communication to our scheduled patients with a digital agility we previously didn’t have.”

WELL developed the Rapid Release Program to quickly onboard new health systems with frictionless patient communication tools. By automating a high percentage of the communications traffic, staff can optimize their time and efforts on scenarios that require a human touch.

WELL unifies patient communications for health systems, enabling automated and conversational text messaging to reach patients when it matters most. ♥

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