WELL™ Health’s Top 10 Remote Moments

April 21, 2021 - by WELL Staff

It’s been one year since WELL Health went remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while it was an unexpected transition, our teams have been making the most of it! From virtual trivia nights to celebrating company milestones with mail drops and swag, our teams have found new ways to collaborate, grow, have fun, and stay connected even though we are far apart. 

We crowdsourced our top 10 remote moments over the past year. Here is what our amazing remote team had to say…

10. WELL™ was Named #10 on Forbes Best Startup Employers List! Forbes evaluates 2,500 companies and awards this designation to 500 startups based on 3 criteria: employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. Number 10? We are so proud!

9. Our Growing Fur Baby Family! It is an understatement to say we love our dogs (we even have a Slack channel dedicated to our furbabies!). Our team of “dog co-workers” grew by 9 this past year – as our remote working conditions created the perfect opportunity to invite some new furry co-workers into our work from home offices.

8. Virtual Trivia! Always make for a great time before Friday Standups! Our coworkers are some of the most trivia-savvy out there! Winners of trivia night have earned ultimate bragging rights.

7. New Views From Our (Virtual) Offices. Working remotely gave employees an opportunity to work all over the country. One of our employees, Alex, worked while traveling to seven different states and has lots of beautiful photos to show for it! 

views from well

views from well

views from well

6. New Company Photo. It took us all at least six different screenshot attempts to get that company Zoom photo shot–BUT it was worth it for the final product – check out this good-looking bunch!

employee team photo

5. Purpose. We launched 11 employee-led equity groups that are working to create a sense of inclusion, equity, and belonging for all WELL employees and driving change at all levels of the company.

4. C NEWS! All employees received surprise gift boxes in the mail with four gifts that all start with “C” (champagne flutes, cotton candy marshmallows, chocolate coins, and coffee beans) with a note about a surprise announcement later that day. We hopped on a special meeting and surprised everyone with our special C news … Series C Funding!

3. Virtual Cooking Classes. Over the past year, we’ve hosted at least three different virtual cooking classes. The company favorite was Taco Night where we made some tasty tacos, margaritas, and enjoyed the company of our co-workers.

cooking class zoom photo

2. Two Truths & a Lie. Continuing our tradition of playing two truths and a lie with new hires is a company favorite. While work was in person, new hires would present three statements about themselves at Friday Standup and everyone would raise their hands for which one they thought was the lie. Since we moved to remote work, we polled people on zoom and got an even more accurate measure of what people think is the lie. We’ve got some tricky co-workers!

1. Best in KLAS in Patient Outreach company celebration over Zoom. We all received crowns in the mail to wear to this meeting and crowned ourselves as Best In KLAS winners!

best in klas zoom photo

While the pandemic and remote work brought challenges, it also brought lots of opportunities at WELL to grow as a company and make a significant impact on the lives of patients and healthcare workers. We are at a time in history when patient communication matters more than ever before and WELL is grateful to be a part of making the patient communications experience #1 in customer service. 🖤

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