Well Health Inc. Launches Employee Equity Groups

March 3, 2021 - by WELL Staff

Inclusive, equal, and diverse. 

These are cornerstones of the WELL™ Health philosophy. At WELL Health, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels safe to be authentic, everyone is represented and diversity is a strength. Our multicultural, employee-led Equity Groups reflect our dedication to creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace. Everyone is welcome to join any group as an identifying member or as an ally. 

Each Equity Group has a meaningful mission executed in a team environment and made up of members from our dedicated workforce. At WELL Health, we created our Equity Groups not just out of shared interests but to also provide a platform for our biggest assets; our employees, to take the lead in sharing awareness, education, and appreciation for our similarities and differences. Activities and events like film screenings, group exercises, and roundtable discussions to name a few, not only build camaraderie but reflect our mandate of sharing experiences to inform and stimulate discussion.

Inclusive, equal, and diverse. At WELL Health, we are committed to making those three words our everyday reality.


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Learn more about the WELL™ Health Equity Groups below:

WE ARE WELL Group logo

“We are WELL” is a place to collaborate, engage and celebrate health and WELLness, habits, and ideas. Our events include a five-minute daily challenge with the ultimate goal of promoting health and wellness awareness and engagement through education and fun events.

WELL black-latinx Equity Group logo

We promote the interest of Black American and Latinx employees of WELL while driving awareness and education about the Black American and Latinx experience through educational programming during Black History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. We strive to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment while empowering and promoting Black American and Latinx employees in professional growth opportunities.

Women of Well equity group logo

“Women of WELL” is committed to raising awareness and supporting gender equality. We are committed to creating more advocates and allies for female advancement and workplace inclusion and advancing female leaders through education, mentorship, and inspiration. 

WELL Sustainability Equity Group logo

“WELL Earth” is a place to engage in sustainability efforts while promoting and educating WELL on how to become more environmentally-friendly. Through education and awareness, our goal is to provide the company with action-oriented steps we can all take to live more sustainably.

The WELL South Asian, Asian, and Pacific Islander Group works to celebrate and represent our varied ethnicities as well as serve as a safe space to discuss our multicultural experiences as Asian Americans.  Our goal is to promote engagement and raise awareness about our experience through activities that celebrate our individual cultures.

WELL Pride Equity Group logo

The Pride Coalition recognizes, acknowledges, and welcomes diversity of all kinds. With a focus on inclusion, acceptance, and education, our team seeks to understand the needs of and focus on solutions for the LBGTQ+ community inside and outside of WELL.

WELL Veterans Equity Group logo

Our group celebrates the veterans of WELL by spotlighting their service and sharing the service member’s experiences. We also highlight the contributions of their families and raise awareness on how WELL can support veterans and their families through TAPS engagement, transferable skills education, and remote work for spouses.

WELL Parents of WELL Equity Group logo

Parents of WELL (POW)  will work to increase overall awareness of parenting responsibilities and challenges with a focus on creating a culture of acknowledgment, support, and encouragement within WELL. Our activities include tips and tricks for parenting, fun events for kids/family, and coping strategies for both parents and kids.

WELL Ability Group logo

WELLABILITY unites employees with visible and invisible disabilities, their loved ones, and their allies. Our goals are to bring awareness on what it is to be a person with different abilities in the American workforce and shed light on how WELL can support people facing these challenges in the recruiting/hiring process.

WELL RISE Group logo

RISE (Rallying for Indigenous Support & Equity) exists as a space to amplify Indigenous voices. Together, we seek to listen, learn, and celebrate the kaleidoscope of Indigenous stories and cultures with a spirit of truth, authenticity, and openness. Our mission is to partner with Native American organizations on outreach initiatives and educational programs that both empower Indigenous communities and create collective change on a local and national level to seek a more inclusive and equitable world. 

The WELL Interfaith Zone LOGO

The WELL Interfaith Zone is dedicated to exploring awareness of the pluralism of beliefs in the world as well as within WELL. We hope to curate education awareness and empathy of the various beliefs that make up WELL and provide a community for people to be safe in their respective beliefs. Our activities include a monthly world religion spotlight exploring various beliefs with recommended readings to educate and inform our members and allies.

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