WELL Adds Two-Way Email

March 6, 2019 - by Talya Meyers


It can feel a little outmoded in an era of WhatsApp and hyper-intelligent chatbots. But email is anything but dead.

A new report from the Radicati Group indicates that 4.1 billion people will use email by 2021—more than half the world’s population. 269 billion emails were sent every day in 2017, according to the same report. And a Pew survey found that 88% of smartphone users check email on their phones.

That means some patients simply prefer email. And it’s time to give them what they want. WELL already offers two-way texting between patients and healthcare organizations. But until now, email communication has been strictly one-way: medical staff could send messages to patients, but patients couldn’t email back.

WELL has changed that. We’ve added bidirectional email messaging to our platform, which means that both patients and staff can participate in the conversation. Some of the benefits:

  • Users can switch seamlessly back and forth between email and text, all in the same secure channel. In other words, even if it’s happening over text, email, and chat, our system will treat it as one long conversation.
  • Staff members can see both emails and texts on the same screen.
  • Patients can choose how to reach out: do they want to email, text, or both?
  • Emails are HIPAA-eligible, which means you can communicate securely with your patients.

This is just the beginning. WELL is continuously investing in its platform, developing support for the communication systems you depend on. Expect to hear more from us in the near future! ♥

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