InstaMed and WELL: An Easier Way for Patients to Pay Their Bills

April 23, 2019 - by Talya Meyers


We’re all patients here, so let’s be honest: we don’t always pay our bills the second we receive them. Or even the second time we receive them.

We’re not doing it deliberately. It’s just not convenient to spend time filling out a form and check, finding a stamp, and putting it all in the mailbox.

That’s why WELL and InstaMed have partnered to introduce a seamless new mobile-pay process (video). Together, patients receive alerts when they have an outstanding balance and can easily pay it where they already are: on their smartphones.

And patients aren’t the only ones who benefit. WELL customers can reduce the inconvenience of paper statements and lower outstanding accounts receivable—all with no extra work for staff.

Why auto-billing?

  • Payment is faster, easier, and more convenient—for health systems and patients alike.
  • Studies show 98% of text messages are opened, so patients are more likely to know what they owe.
  • Auto-filling patient information and balances eliminates reconciliation issues.
  • A health system can know instantly when a balance has been paid, reducing the need for follow-ups and phone tag.
  • No need to send out paper bills or deal with unwieldy envelopes.

Here’s how it works:

Automatic or Manual Options
Using WELL, you can set up an automation that goes out when a patient has an outstanding balance. If you’d like, you can also generate a manual message using the SmartPhrase {instamedPaymentLink}. Your message will include a link to an InstaMed payment page.

Auto-Filled Payment Page
When a patient clicks the link, WELL auto-fills the amount that’s due—along with the relevant account number—on the payment page. All a patient needs to do is pay the balance. And if they have payment information saved on their phone, they can use it here, making the process virtually effortless.

Permanent Record
As always, both the original message and a record of the payment will be posted to the patient’s channel. You’ll have a record of the entire exchange, forever.

Updated Billing System
When a payment is made, it’s posted to your billing or patient management system, so you can track who’s using InstaMed through WELL—and make sure it’s working for you. ♥

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