WELL Health and Wolters Kluwer partner to deliver diabetes self-management education

November 19, 2020 - by Pamela Ellgen

Diabetes self-management education and support improve patient outcomes,

But only 50 percent of diabetic patients receive it. In honor of National Diabetes Month, WELL and Wolters Kluwer have partnered to embed EmmiEngage® interactive multimedia programs on diabetes education into the WELL platform. The communication is aimed at helping diabetic patients make informed decisions related to their health.

The partnership provides health systems with a streamlined and effective way to educate diabetic patients, whether on an individual level or with an entire patient population. It improves care activation and nurse efficiency and reduces readmissions.

It also provides trusted clinical information from a single source — patients receive all communication directly from their provider.

Why diabetes self-management education matters

More than 34 million people are affected by diabetes (10.5 percent of the U.S. population) and patients diagnosed with the disease need to adhere to their treatment plan to avoid complications and poor outcomes.

Given the sheer volume of patients requiring diabetic care, many health systems struggle to stay up to date with delivering educational materials in the most efficient manner to their patients. This often results in patients with diabetes falling off of their treatment plans or not managing their condition appropriately.

Streamlining delivery of patient education

With the WELL and Wolters Kluwer Partnership, educating patients and providing answers to clinical questions automatically has never been easier.

WELL supports multiple triage and proactive outreach, whether automated workflows or post-encounter follow up, including redirecting patient inquiries from the traditional call center to more efficient modes of communication, such as text messaging. Because WELL offers two-way texting, patients can ask follow-up questions and receive support directly from their provider’s office.


Here’s how it works. When a patient attends an appointment related to treatment for diabetes, WELL automatically reaches out post-encounter with self-management education. WELL’s bidirectional capabilities enable the patient to respond with questions, upon which they can receive additional educational content and converse with their provider by text message.

Provider: Hi Jane! Thank you for attending your diabetes checkup. Check out this video on how to learn more about pre-diabetes www.wk.com/prediabetes

Patient: Great thanks! Any foods I should avoid as a pre-diabetic?

Provider: Great question! A good place to start is this video on foods to eat for Pre-Diabetic conditions www.wk.com/healthyfoods feel free to text back with any more questions!

Patient: Thank you!

Unified communication for diabetes education

WELL Health unites your messaging in one communication hub. Your patients receive all care-related messages from one number they recognize at a cadence they can handle. WELL’s bidirectional capability creates an open channel for conversation between patients and staff. Deliver clinical, financial, and logistical information to your patients — all through one secure platform. No app required.

Wolters Kluwer is a leader in patient solutions and provides trusted clinical technology and evidence-based content that drives effective decision-making and outcomes through its EmmiEngage® multimedia programs. ♥

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