WELL partners with Binary Fountain (and introduces Sentiment Analysis)

April 30, 2019 - by Talya Meyers


Patient messages are an invaluable source of feedback—if only we could only track them all.

Thanks to an integrated partnership and a brand-new feature, we’ve found a way to make it happen.

WELL already gives you a way to connect to patients in the way that’s easiest for them, keeping you close to their journey and opening up the conversation. Now, you’ll be able to keep careful tabs on what your patients have to say—and jump in when necessary to resolve their concerns.

Binary Fountain

Working with Binary Fountain, a reputation management platform, we’ve made it easy to keep tabs on patient comments, identify trends and recurring issues, and perform fast service recovery when necessary.

  • We send comments and conversations—with patient health information removed—to Binary Fountain in real time. Binary Fountain monitors patient messages in WELL—along with online reviews, satisfaction surveys, and similar data sources—using sentiment analysis software.
  • The system scores each comment for positive vs. negative content and categorizes the patient’s message based on its content (whether that’s “quality of procedure” or “parking”).
  • A feedback dashboard identifies trends among comments and gives you an overall picture. You’ll be able to isolate results for specific clinics, hospitals, or providers within your enterprise, so you can celebrate successes and identify ways to improve.
  • A negative comment indicates that a patient needs attention. Now, you’ll have essential new opportunities to perform service recovery—engaging your patients and improving overall satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis

  • WELL’s new Sentiment Analysis uses a machine-learning algorithm to read through patient messages. You’ll be able to perform immediate service recovery, triage when necessary, and track feedback trends.
  • When the algorithm detects negative content—whether it’s from a dissatisfied patient or someone experiencing an emergency—it turns the patient channel red and sets it to “open.” That way, you’ll know immediately when a patient needs your attention.
  • Sentiment Analysis also gives you a broader perspective on patient satisfaction. The feature assigns a positivity score to every incoming message. That means you can track patient sentiment across your enterprise—or isolate results for a particular clinic, department, or provider—using WELL Analytics.

And this isn’t the last word on Sentiment Analysis. The new feature has the potential to work with more of WELL’s existing capabilities—like Keyword Actions.

Looking ahead

Look out for more from us in the near future! We’re always working to improve WELL with new features and integrated partnerships. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions. ♥

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