Automate patient recalls to increase appointment volume

July 2, 2020 - by Pamela Ellgen


Whether your patient needs to follow up in a month or next year, increase the likelihood they’ll schedule an appointment with automated Recalls.

The days are over of having patients complete a self-addressed postcard reminder to schedule their next annual appointment. So too is having your staff manually call each patient to schedule a recall.

Instead, set up automated Recalls with WELL to send patients the nudge they need, in the medium they prefer. Not only does it reduce gaps in care, but it also keeps patients within your healthcare system.

Why Recalls Matter

Getting patients to schedule and attend their follow-up appointments is challenging and costly. The amount of time your staff spends calling, coordinating, and following-up (once, twice, often more) adds up.

WELL Recalls streamlines the process by automating the workflow  — there’s no need to call patients multiple times to schedule. And it’s fully integrated into the EMR, so patients receive personalized messages specific to their provider and location.

Increasing the number of successful recalls also improves your quality and performance related metrics and optimizes revenue.

How WELL Recalls Work

Health systems can create automations based on visit type, provider, location, and more. When a patient goes in for their primary care appointment and the doctor asks them to come back in six months, this is how Recalls work within WELL:

    1. WELL creates a Recall based on the follow-up date with the same appointment type, resource, and location as the original.

    2. Eight weeks before the follow-up — or whatever time interval you select — WELL automatically texts the patient to prompt them to schedule an appointment, if they haven’t already.

    3. If there is no response, WELL automatically follows up on a customizable cadence.

    4. After the patient schedules appointment, WELL marks the Recall complete in the EMR.

Following the automated Recall workflow, WELL’s patient appointment reminder system kicks in, increasing confirmations by 200 percent and reducing no-shows by as much as 71 percent for many WELL clients. Overall, the process is far more efficient than manually calling patients. And, it’s more effective. People read 98 percent of text messages within minutes of receipt.

Streamline your recall process with WELL Recalls.♥

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