The Next Evolution of Customer Success at WELL

At WELL ™, one of our core values is to “pursue growth” which manifests itself in many ways. For innovation, this means ensuring our technology is delivering on our customers’ needs today while innovating for their needs of tomorrow, and beyond. 

As part of our commitment to pursue growth, we also evaluate our customer relationships and support structures to anticipate what customers need next and continue to exceed expectations – while our company, customer base, and teams grow, rapidly. 

That’s why, WELL is announcing the next evolution of Client Success with the creation of two new divisions: 

  • Professional Services 
  • Account Management

WELL™ Health recently earned 2021 Best in KLAS in Patient Outreach, an honor we take very seriously, as it is bestowed on us by our customers. We will continue to strive to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty. The two distinct groups are both working towards delivering an exceptional provider experience and represent the next evolution of WELL Health’s customer success and support.

Two of our finest leaders will spearhead these efforts:

  • Christine Raby, Vice President, will lead the new Professional Services Organization, a group dedicated to new customer implementation, training, and project management for custom projects.
  • Meg Aranow, Senior Vice President, Platform Evangelist, will oversee Account Management, a team focused on ongoing customer engagement, support, and the recently-launched Use Case Library, which offers best practices and specific product use cases.

I am really excited about what’s ahead for our new Professional Services and Account Management divisions. Our growth and success to-date are a testament to both Meg and Christine’s leadership. With each of them at the helm of our two new divisions – I know they will drive our business forward with passion and enthusiasm. ♥


Thanks to Our Customers, WELL™ Health Earns 2021 Best in KLAS in Patient Outreach

Awards are always meaningful, especially when they are based on the opinions of your most valuable stakeholders: your customers. 

We are humbled to have just been named 2021 Best in KLAS in Patient Outreach, an annual honor bestowed by KLAS Research, a healthcare IT data and insights company.

This ranking, part of the Best in KLAS 2021 Software & Services report, is based on anonymous, quality-checked reviews from healthcare providers who use WELL Health technology – meaning our customers bestowed us with this ranking. And that is the greatest accolade of them all.

We are honored that many of the nation’s leading healthcare systems trust WELL Health to deliver what patients expect – real-time, personalized two-way digital communication on their terms. We pride ourselves on being relentless about helping healthcare providers transform the healthcare experience with timely, meaningful, and secure patient messaging. 

Being named 2021 Best in KLAS in Patient Outreach validates our mission and the team behind it. In the past 12 months, we’ve grown from 75 people to more than 180 people. We are hiring engineers, product managers, training experts, operations teams, and more to keep ahead of what our customers need. Every member of our team is committed to delivering best-in-class technology and helping healthcare providers reach, engage, and connect with patients as we’ve come to expect in other areas of our lives.

For us, achieving this distinction during the COVID-19 pandemic adds to its significance. This year, our technology will be used by 200,000+ healthcare providers to send more than one billion messages to 31 million patients, including vital information on COVID-19 communications and vaccine distribution. 

Since the COVID-19 vaccine became available in the U.S., WELL Health technology has helped health systems: 

  • Send 2.45 million messages about the COVID-19 vaccine1
  • Schedule and/or follow up on 690,000 COVID-19 vaccine appointments1 

Those numbers are a testament to the vital role technology is playing in helping healthcare providers – the real heroes of the pandemic – engage patients to improve care.  

Thank you to our customers for this recognition. We are honored by your opinions and will continue to do our best to earn your trust in 2021 and beyond.


1WELL Health Data Insights, data from 12/9/2020 – 2/1/2021

Learn more about WELL Health in the Best in KLAS 2021 Software & Services report, which recognizes the leading vendors for solutions, services, and management consulting offered in the United States. The report shares what customers say they appreciate about WELL Health, the only two-way digital health solution engaging patients throughout their care experience, from patient acquisition to service delivery and, ultimately, in their homes.  


If you’re not living (and working) in Santa Barbara, you should be


Santa Barbara is famous as a vacation destination.

Here’s what people don’t know: it’s also a place where entrepreneurial spirits launch amazing companies and stellar careers. We just do it in wonderful weather.

One-on-one meetings often mean a walk to the beach, not a sit-down in the office. Team activities may just take place on the lawn of Santa Barbara’s gorgeous historic courthouse. We spend weekends biking and camping in the mountains that frame the city, and we may just opt for a staycation instead of heading somewhere new and exciting.

But WELL didn’t begin life on the South Coast.

We opened our first office in Redwood City, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Which, I quickly realized, wasn’t the right thing for the company—or for our team.

Put simply, the Bay Area was overcrowded with way too many people willing to make crazy commutes. Even though our office was right on the train route, some of our team still had to travel more than an hour and a half just to get to work. And the cost of living was out of control.

In addition, turnover is a way of life in Silicon Valley. But it wasn’t what I wanted for WELL. I wanted to build a community of people who were happy to be there and excited to spend their careers at the company. And since I’d put my life savings into this new endeavor, it didn’t seem fiscally responsible to be pouring money into one of the priciest zip codes in the country.

Why Santa Barbara?

It’s not exactly known for its low cost of living, but it was definitely more reasonable than Silicon Valley. And, as I quickly found out, it offered many of the same things—culture, talent, a tech-friendly community where that talent is valued and cultivated—along with its own (significant) charms.

I know why I moved the company here. But I was curious why so many of my employees had jumped at the chance to put down roots in this city—so I asked them. Here’s the final rundown: seven reasons why you should stop what you’re doing and move to Santa Barbara. Immediately.

  • A mini-Bay Area

Santa Barbara may be more famous for beaches than breweries, but things have changed in the last few years. Expats from San Francisco and Los Angeles have remade Santa Barbara to suit their needs, so you’ll have your pick of award-winning restaurants, artisan watering holes, and incredible performers.

“It has the intrigue of a bigger city in terms of culture and restaurants,” said Kellie Lincoln, a WELL account executive. “But the nature, lifestyle, and overall feel of this town forces you to be more relaxed.”

Tom McIntyre, WELL’s chief of staff, agreed: “My fiancée and I like the feel of a city: being able to walk to coffee shops, stores, and restaurants. But we love not being so trapped in one place that it takes us two hours to get to the beach or a hiking spot.”And if you find yourself missing smog and overcrowding, Los Angeles is just a day trip away.

  • Tech heaven

There’s a reason CNBC dubbed the South Coast “Techtopia.” The city is home to a thriving industry that includes major players like Amazon, Inogen, AppFolio, Sonos, and Procore, along with a range of smaller startups.

“There are so many smart people here, and there’s a flourishing entrepreneurial community,” said Rob Curtis, our group product manager. That means you’ll be part of a large, high-energy group of startup employees—and have plenty of company at happy hour.

And Santa Barbara’s smaller talent pool means you’ll have a competitive advantage. We know amazing people when we find them, and we’re smart enough to hang on tight.

  • A warm community

“The people are amazing,” Rob said. “It reminds me of a midwest town, transported to paradise.” That competitive, tense atmosphere I associate with big cities is nowhere to be found in Santa Barbara. Locals are laid-back and outgoing, and there’s plenty of everything—beaches, parks, outdoor tables—to go around.

“In LA, you fight at every intersection and play defense; you’re always on guard and in fight-or-flight mode,” said Tom Christensen (known as TC), WELL’s head of marketing. He’s currently in the process of moving his family up to Santa Barbara. “Here, people wait patiently, they say ‘hi’ to me. It has a positive impact on my standard of living.”

  • Return on investment

OK, so life in Santa Barbara isn’t exactly inexpensive. But it is cheaper than San Francisco—or the nicer areas of LA—and you get a lot more in return: Gorgeous weather. Stunning landscape. Spacious housing. A walkable downtown. The envy of pretty much everyone you’ve ever met.

“This was a place that I vacationed in with my fiancée; we spent an anniversary here,” Tom said. “We never imagined that we could live in a vacation destination full-time.”

  • Family-friendly

“The schools are far better than in LA,” said TC, whose son is about to enter kindergarten. “They’re managed in a way that is higher quality and more communal.”

Kid-targeted activities abound. Santa Barbara has a large network of playgrounds, along with a natural history museum, exploration museum, large botanic garden, and zoo. Local restaurants seem to love kids, who will frequently find gourmet menus intended just for them. Add welcoming beaches with gentle waves, and you’ll never run out of fun things to do.

And if your family includes a fur baby? They’re welcome too. “We bring our dog Casper everywhere, even Bed Bath & Beyond,” said Ali French, WELL’s senior sales operations and events manager. Santa Barbara has a dedicated dog beach and several dog parks. Many restaurants have patios intended for dog owners, and some will even put out a water bowl just for you. Don’t forget: Dogs are family at the WELL office, and we love having them around.

  • Great scene. Minimal hype

Those fantastic restaurants we talked about? There’s no two-week wait, no endless line, no snobby waitstaff. “The food scene here is more food and less scene,” said TC. “You can actually go back and become a regular at great restaurants.”

The same goes for the city’s cultural offerings. UCSB’s Arts & Lectures series brings in world-class performers, and the Santa Barbara Bowl hosts the biggest names in music. The city has its own (respected!) symphony, dance company, and historic theaters. There’s a great indie music scene and some fantastic stand-up comedians (including WELL engineer Nate Diamond!).

But the hype just isn’t there—which means the competition isn’t, either. You’ll get tickets to your show, a table at your restaurant, and a spot at your bar. For a Bay Area expat, that’s pretty opulent. And speaking of opulence…

  • A luxury lifestyle…for everyone

There’s a lot of wealth in Santa Barbara, no question about it. The area is home to six different five-star hotels, some wildly expensive designer boutiques, and homes that range into the tens of millions (I’m looking at you, Montecito).

That’s a small minority, and most of Santa Barbara is approachable and down-to-earth. But we all benefit from the things that make Santa Barbara a luxury community: Pristine beaches. Safe neighborhoods. Carefully-preserved nature. Stunning architecture. They’re open to everyone—and we’re better off for it.

Ultimately, it’s Kellie who said it best. “There’s a beautiful simplicity to living in Santa Barbara that is unmatched anywhere else in the world,” she told me. “If you find a good job here, you’ll have the rest of the world beat.” ♥

Our 2018 Retrospective


Looking back at 2018 makes us feel a little breathless

It’s been an extraordinary year: new employees, new projects, new partnerships. And as always, it’s been a pleasure working alongside the ever-evolving healthcare space, improving the patient experience—and unifying communication for healthcare organizations—wherever we go.

New Friends

First and foremost, we’re delighted to be working with a wide range of new customers. Every new organization brings unique needs and challenges to the table, and we love finding the ideal ways to enhance communication practices and improve key metrics for each of them.

In the enterprise space, we implemented WELL at Houston Methodist, Eisenhower Health, and our local Sansum Clinic, among many others. And we’re excited that Signature Health and Vista Community Clinic decided to expand their use of WELL, increasing their message volume and exploring new features.

RepuGen, which provides reputation management software to healthcare companies, is now an integrated partner. We’ve already seen great results at MemorialCare, which experienced a 25 percent increase in conversion rates—providing more opportunities to engage patients and perform service recovery. More integrated partnerships are in the works, so expect to hear updates soon!

New Faces

There are a lot of new faces around the office. WELL started out 2018 with 19 employees and ended with 52, more than doubling our team size. But we’re not just focused on quantity: we’ve developed a determined, enthusiastic team who set ambitious goals, then achieve them.

And we know how lucky we are to have them. That’s why we promoted 20 employees internally this year. Tom Sims was promoted from business development representative to sales manager. Both Jessica Perron and Grant Lilya began their WELL careers as interns and were promoted to account executive and client success advocate. Jonathan Perlin started out the year as a technical project manager and ended it as a lead integration engineer.

To make sure our employees work in the best possible environment, we also kicked off a diversity and inclusion team to raise awareness and open up important conversations around the office. Our new workplace engagement team encourages collaboration and closeness among our employees. And the office as a whole loved participating in this year’s End Hunger Games!

New Year

Looking ahead to 2019, we’re focused on exploring the many ways that WELL can improve the healthcare experience. We’ll build new features and develop partnerships that create better experiences for our users and their patients. And we’ll continue to fulfill our mission: to make going to the doctor’s office as easy as meeting up with a friend.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and we’re excited to see the industry shift increasingly towards awareness of the patient experience, a more consumer-friendly system, and value-based payment models. There’s a lot of upheaval still to come, no question. But that’s not a bad thing. Wherever there’s upheaval, there’s disruption—and with disruption comes a world of new solutions. We can’t wait to build more of them.♥



– Gui de Zwirek
CEO & Cofounder, WELL Health


10 Reasons Why WELL Is a Fantastic Place to Work


Amazing news: Built in LA has placed WELL on its list of “50 Best Small Companies to Work For” in 2019! You can view the full list here. Built in LA, for those who don’t know, is the major site covering startups and the tech environment in the greater Los Angeles area. This award is designed to highlight companies that offer competitive salaries, great benefits, a flexible working environment, and desirable perks.

And that describes us perfectly. At WELL, we pride ourselves on delighted employees, an inclusive culture, and a high-energy, positive office environment. We could go on for ages about how great it is to work here, but in an effort to streamline things a little, we’ve narrowed it down to 10 top reasons why WELL is a fantastic place to go to work.

1) Our product is amazing. Seriously. “I work with our clients who are going live with the product,” explained Michael Chen, a WELL implementation specialist. “I’ve never had a client upset or frustrated with the way WELL works. It’s usually more of a surprise about how easy it was for the team to make the transition and how positively patients respond.” Patients love the convenience, staff love that it streamlines their workflow, and we love what it does for our self-esteem.

2) Working for a great cause. “Our product is having an impact on the real world and helping patients communicate better. It actually has a real benefit,” said Rob Curtis, WELL’s product manager. Mo Chakravarty, an operations associate, agreed: “I feel like we share the common goal of improving the patient experience, which is so universal. It’s such a noble goal.”

3) A fantastic company culture. Whether it’s the happy hours at Good Lion, the monthly speaker series (we recently welcomed entrepreneur Kevin O’Connor), or just our regular weekly stand-up, we pride ourselves on having engaged, enthusiastic employees. We celebrate our successes, hold exciting events, and volunteer together. “It’s an energetic work environment where people are collaborative and also become friends rather than coworkers,” said Emily Kerr, WELL’s operations coordinator. “I enjoy the fun experiences and the perks.”

4) Upward mobility. WELL is growing at light speed, thanks in large part to a dedicated, ambitious team. And as we grow, we’re rewarding that ambition, recognizing employees who have set their sights on greatness and giving them more opportunities to have an impact. WELL employee Tom Sims started as a member of the sales team. Less than a year later, he became a senior manager—his awesomeness was just unmistakable. “It’s been a wild first year at WELL! I’ve been promoted, seen my peers get promoted, and even done some promoting myself,” he said. “It’s amazing to know contributions are recognized and valued here.”

5) Three words: Downtown Santa Barbara. We’re in the heart of a gorgeous city, steps away from some truly hip bars, enticing shops, and irresistible places to eat. (We’ll happily tell you the best places to grab an artisanal soda or poke bowl.) Then there’s the amazing weather. “Santa Barbara is one of the best places to have a work-life balance,” Michael said. “And you can wear flip-flops all year round.”

6) We like each other. Really. “We have a sense of family,” said Mo. “Anyone in this office is someone I’d want to spend time with outside of work, so coming into work really doesn’t feel like a chore at all.” WELL employees know what’s going on in each other’s lives, hang out after work, and laugh together around the water cooler—or the office beer keg, stocked by local brewery Draughtsman Aleworks.

7) Diversity and inclusion. We’re well aware that a diverse team means a better, more productive workplace. “As we grow, we are focused on building a strong team culture,” said Tom McIntyre, WELL’s chief of staff. “We recognize that you can’t do that successfully without a diverse workforce that feels empowered to communicate and share ideas.”

8) Flexible schedule. No clock-checking or card-punching here. We trust our employees and know they work hard. “At WELL, we care about results. We offer flexible schedules because we want employees who are driven to achieve great things,” Tom McIntyre said.

9) Unlimited time off. We get it: everyone needs vacations. And at WELL, you take the time off you need: no building up hours, no fretting over every sick day. “I love having the freedom to be able to take a vacation without having to count my hours. I work hard, and it’s great knowing I can take the time when I need it,” Emily said. We expect that you’ll head to Hawaii—or Cancun or Nepal— every year. And when you get back, we expect to see pictures.

10) Dog-friendly office. From Rizzo the husky to Nala the goldendoodle, WELL’s dogs are family. “I like that I can take breaks and go for a walk with my dog,” said Kendall Martin, a business development representative who takes her lab mix, Layla, to work. “It keeps it more light and fun, and people come by my desk to pet my dog and hang out and chat.”

Want to learn more? You can check out our complete list of job postings here.

How the best companies build delightful experiences


They may not always show up—or pay their bills— but our customers really want to talk to us.

Great customer experiences have become a major contributor to business success, impacting industries from retail to healthcare. But what makes a delightful experience? That’s changing too. Customers still expect their needs to be met…but they want the process to be easier and more human.

That’s why conversations have increasingly become the key to great customer experiences. Just ask Darcy Peters, a customer advocacy lead at Buffer, which helps individuals and companies connect with their followers over social media. “You build this rapport,” she said. “It increases that fondness on both sides.” And Buffer practices what it preaches, maintaining an active social media presence, a Buffer community Slack account, and regular Q&As with the company’s CEO. “We try to have as many genuine, authentic, and valuable conversations as possible,” Peters said.

Many of the most successful companies have invested in building genuine relationships with their customers, and we’ve been lucky enough to experience a few of them here at WELL. We recently started using TripActions, which differentiates itself by providing round-the-clock access to support staff through its app. TripActions employees will let you know if your flight is canceled or delayed, and they’ll sort out the details for you. Investing in communication is clearly paying off: the company just successfully raised $154 million in Series C funding. And I recently traveled to a Kimpton hotel, where they messaged me to let me know my room was ready, then graciously agreed to give the key to a friend waiting in the lounge. All via text. No wonder IHG, which owns the Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, has snapped up 16% of global market share.

And these conversations have to take place where your customers are most comfortable. Much has been made of Gallop’s finding that texting is the most common form of communication for people under the age of 50. But customers want to reach out in many ways. A 2016 Radicati report tells us that email is still alive and kicking: by 2020, it will be used by 3 billion people worldwide. Zendesk found that customers were more likely to be satisfied by live-chat support than any other medium.

At WELL, we know how important it is to have great conversations with patients. That’s why we’ve just added two-way email functionality. From the beginning, we’ve had a simple mission: to connect patients directly to medical staff, revolutionizing the way people communicate with their doctors’ offices. WELL’s platform already allows patients and staff members to text back and forth, and that’s a great first step. But until now, email communications have only been one-way. Now, patients and staff can switch back and forth seamlessly between email and text, all in the same secure channel. In other words, even though it’s happening over multiple mediums, our system will treat it as one long conversation.

This is just the beginning. We’re working on support for many other communication mediums.

Now, let’s get those conversations started.

Get Started

Find out how WELL’s enterprise communication hub can make it easy to engage patients for world-class clinical and administrative experience.