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WELL Conversational APIs

Partnering with WELL gives you access to healthcare’s leading platform for conversational messaging.
Our simple communication APIs make your product smarter by delivering your content in the right context.

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Two-Way Communication

Our APIs let you automate patient outreach and converse manually when needed.

Multi-Channel Communications

Reach patients via SMS, Email, IVR, Live Chat and Facebook.

Improve Onboarding and Enrollment

Tap into your customers’ existing conversations with patients using their existing office phone numbers.Eliminate leakage by being available to patients 24/7 when they respond with questions or issues.


WELL is deployed at enterprise organizations across the country and sees rapid patient and user adoption.WELL is live in every major specialty, and creates best practices based on this experience.

HIPAA & TCPA Compliant

WELL is HIPAA and TCPA compliant and built on industry-leading infrastructure.We utilize industry-standard methods for transacting information with our direct customers and the EMRs they use, such as Epic, Athena, and NextGen.

Cost Effective

Secure, multi-channel communication at our cost (what we pay is what you pay)